These two though.


These two though.

"There’s one lady in Oliver’s life. Just one. There’s one woman in Oliver’s life this year. It’s Felicity. The ship has sailed on those romances. I don’t think we’ll ever see Oliver and Sara or Oliver and Laurel together again. They will be together but not together, together. They will be teammates. We discover in the pilot the way that Oliver feels about Felicity. So, because of that if we just introduce random love interests, it would kind of undersell what we do in the premiere."

Stephen Amell - Comic Con 2014 Interview.

The captain has spoken.

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In the same way that the premiere of last season was really about Oliver struggling with whether or not he should be the Arrow, in this season premiere it’s, "Can I have everything I want?" That quest is going to take up his entire year, and hers.



"Oliver tells her the truth in the season premiere. He tells her the truth. So, anyone that felt they were misled or felt like we were dangling something last year, the resolution is coming and it’s coming fast."


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I can’t wait to cuddle with you again tonight.


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